Modelling Workshop

Workshop Guidance is often hard to find, and the job demands a high degree of knowledge from the get-go.​ Modeling is a very demanding profession of the time. Many of the budding models do not know how to get an exciting entry!
vikram raja
vikram raja

This workshop is conducted by vikramraja, who has over 10 years of experience.



Choose a Plan That Works for You, I have designed for this course, so kick-start your career right away!

Fashion knowledge, lifestyle, grooming tips, and a lot more. Also, don’t forget to subscribe, so you are the first to know when vikramraja post goes live!






We make 90+ smile, see what they are saying

We will do our best for each individual who attends our modeling course. I always answer people who reach out via Instagram or Facebook. Thanks for the wonderful reviews by students.


I am glad I am taking this course, it is teaching more about modeling and what to except in the different types or styles of modeling.


Yes, I enjoyed the lesson and the time I spent learning this course. It gave me an opportunity to learn and about the importance of the industry.

Praveen Kumar

This course taught me so much that I did not know. It was definitely very educational. This is going to help me to start off and go far in this industry. 

Aravind Kumar

I appreciate being able to take this course. Vikramraja’s topics were very easy to understand, and I was able to grasp everything he was saying. 

Vikram raja


We will help each individual to try to get into modelling professionally. We recommend and offer continued phone calls for support for one month; however, we will do our best for each individual who attends our modeling course. 

I always answer people who reach out via Instagram or Facebook to me with questions about modeling business, and I try my best to guide them.

Still have questions?

Please find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find answers for the one who is looking for, you can write to us or send a message through my contact page.

How to attend the classes?
Attending a Modelling Class is easy – once you reserve through the form, we’ll be in touch with a confirmation mail or call so we can plan the event at its advertised date and time. Classes take place on-call or in-person, no matter where they are located across the globe.
If I join the workshop, can you promise work?

Any agency/ coordinator cannot make assurance work. We can only bring the best of you & train you.

What are my payment options?
Fees are to be paid in full. We accept various payment forms, including All online transactions, Paytm, Google Pay, Phone pay & Cash.
Workshop cancellations & reschedule policy?
Cancellations are not accepted once the payment is made. You can reschedule to a new date, hold the paid credit for a future workshop, or transfer the paid credit to someone (paid credit must be used within one week of the payment date). Reschedule less than 15 days before the Classes start date are not eligible for a refund.

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