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How to control oily skin do’s and dont’s

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Though oily pores and skin can clog pores and result in elevated pimples breakouts, oily pores and skin additionally has many advantages. Oil helps protect the pores and skin, and folks with oily pores and skin are likely to have thicker pores and skin and fewer wrinkles. The hot button is to strike a stability between having an excessive amount of oil and sustaining your pores and skin’s pure moisture.


DO wash your face each morning, night, and after train. Whereas washing, resist the temptation to wash your pores and skin, even to take away make-up. Scrubbing irritates your pores and skin, which might make it look worse.

DO select skincare merchandise which are labeled “oil free” and “noncomedogenic.” Which means merchandise which have these labels — together with cleansers, moisturizers and make-up — gained’t clog your pores or trigger pimples.

DO use a delicate, foaming face wash. Many individuals imagine that they should use a robust face wash for greasy pores and skin with a purpose to dry out their pores and skin. Nevertheless, utilizing a face wash that’s too harsh can irritate your pores and skin and set off elevated oil manufacturing. As a substitute, search for a light, light face wash.

DO apply moisturizer each day. Though you have got oily pores and skin, it’s nonetheless necessary to use moisturizer to maintain your pores and skin hydrated. To save lots of time and shield your pores and skin from the solar’s dangerous ultraviolet rays, search for a moisturizer that additionally accommodates a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or larger.

DO put on sunscreen open air. Sunscreen helps stop solar injury that might result in wrinkles, age spots and even pores and skin most cancers. To forestall pimples breakouts, search for sunscreens that include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and don’t use sunscreens that include perfume or oils.

DO select oil-free, water-based make-up.

DO use blotting papers all through the day. Gently press the paper in opposition to your face and go away it on for just a few seconds to soak up the oil. Don’t rub the paper in your face, as this may unfold the oil to different areas.


DON’T use oil-based or alcohol-based cleansers. These can irritate your pores and skin.

DON’T sleep in your make-up. At all times take away all make-up earlier than going to sleep.

DON’T touch your face all through the day. Though it’s tempting to the touch your face, doing so can unfold filth, oil and micro organism out of your arms to your face. Solely contact your face while you’re cleaning, moisturizing or making use of sunscreen or make-up, and ensure your arms are clear first.

Every person’s skin is different, and there’s no” one size fits each” approach to skincare. However, make an appointment to see a certified dermatologist, If you’re concerned about the quantum of oil on your skin is producing or if you ’re floundering with papules or acne.


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