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Worried about being rejected, learn how to overcome it.

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Modelling Rejection

Modelling rejection fact is that everyone at some point in their life will have to face rejection. This is also true for anyone wanting to work as a model. The modelling industry can be a tough place to try to make a living.

Models are constantly at risk of being told no, especially when they are just beginning their careers. This is something you’ll have to prepare yourself for if you want to be a model. Many successful models recall it being difficult always to be subject to potential “no’s at the beginning of their career.” Modelling rejection for a booking won’t be personal, and it doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough. It just means that the particular job you were auditioning for might not have been quite right for you. 

Learn these Modelling points.

  1. Focus on what you CAN do.
  2. Be gentle and offer explanations when asked.
  3. Turn a negative into a positive.
  4. Decline with gratitude. Never lose faith in yourself.

Please don’t take it Personal.

Modelling rejection is everywhere, whether it be friends or family who don’t believe in you yet, photographers looking for something else you don’t have, or agencies who don’t see your true potential. You have to stay determined, stay focused, and don’t take it personally. For example, if you are up for an ad campaign, the casting agents may have decided before they even met you that they are set on hiring a curvy model. If you don’t fit that description, and their mind is already made up before they have even met you, there isn’t much you can do, and it isn’t your fault, either. Just remember, there will come a time (or many times!) when you are exactly what they are looking for. 

Modelling rejection doesn’t mean you should give up… in fact, it’s quite the opposite! It would help if you strived to work hard and go for every opportunity that is a good match. Meet people and know that even if you don’t book a specific job, you may be suitable for the next one.

Refocus and keep trying.

Rather than wasting your energy and time thinking about it, refocus the energy and time into becoming a better model. You might even take the time to find a Modelling mentor or someone who inspires you to become better in your personal and professional life.  Modelling rejection, many of the most successful models today have been through exactly what you’re going through. Everybody starts somewhere. This “somewhere” is the often challenging road to getting scouted, discovered, and hired as a model. 


Remember, this is only their perspective. Nobody is perfect. You can find something wrong with everyone in the universe because beauty is subjective. What may be considered beautiful/handsome to one individual may be average to another.  Just because a photographer or client doesn’t like your look for a specific job doesn’t mean that you aren’t perfect for the next one. Stay determined and keep trying. Remember, the Modelling industry is shallow.

Modelling rejection from agencies, photographers, clients, and sometimes even people close to you is unavoidable. Also, know you are not the only one trying hard to make Modelling happen for you. For every Modelling job out there, 1000 models are trying to get it. This is another reason why rejection is so common in Modelling, much competition. How To Start Your Modeling Career? Need a Personal Website for your online presence. You can contact creatographics. Everyone in every career has to deal with rejection at some time in their lives. Let me know your tips for rejection in the comments below.



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